Friday, September 05, 2008

Chevy traverse... switching sides ?

The sensitive music, the topless guy ironing (with a pink iron), making a 6 month anniversary reservation…”it’s useful, it’s beautiful, it’s everything you ever wished for and then some” gones the music and the shot is cut to the guy cleaning a toilet.
Ladies, is this really the perfect male?
It is the question that bloggers and critics have flooded the American air space with during the last two weeks...
male chauvinsim -said the women who found the ad cute and why not.. the guy ( hot one, that too) doing all the ironing and cleaning is a clear welcome proposition for them albeit in real it may be a bit too hard to ask for..
The men (predictably)found it hard ,creepy and too GAYISH to be true and got offended by women who said it is cute... Reverse gender stereotyping - the analyst will call it but for the common man its like two ends that simply wouldnt connect......
Chevy went on air during olympics and have for sure got a lot of eye balls to see it again and again thanks also to the discussion ...In fact this is an ad which is much ado about nothing and yet being seen like it is something great.....
Will people buy a chevy traverse after the ad? Or atleast get induced..?
Is their information about the product any better after so much of repeated exposure to the
advertising? who knows and who cares??? As of now the pink guys and the ad is hot and Chevy is having a laugh.....

Last heard some where in the net :-
Don't know who the actor is -- but the commercial is VERY effective. A hunky guy who does laundry and cleans the bathroom! Every woman's fantasy. Makes me want to buy the car even though I know the guy doesn't come with it. Sigh.
offensive or not , when the auto guys every where seem to be bothered and want to sell their stuff of fuel and its efficiency, this is a shock that Chevy gave America and they shall remember it... so will be the guy but was that the objective...???

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