Friday, September 26, 2008

Get out-the world is waiting ! The Outdoor advertising story Part I

A peep into the ifs and buts of Outdoor advertising ....

Being different makes all the difference they say and here you are seeing some Out Of Home ads that follow this dictum in letter and spirit.. eye catching they are ...brevity is a theme across and the message and hence strikes the viewer like a thunderbolt... when world over Billboards are making a come back as OOH and other forms of outdoor media, such creative experiments that give wonderful results to the advertiser and the audience is a welcome change.

Long gone are the days when a bill board was a boring job for the executors, a pain in the ass for the advertisers and an eye sore for many a target audience member. This statement is notwithstanding the fact that there were beautiful exceptions that made history but exceptions rarely made the rules....

Outdoor advertising grows at an astonishing pace as one observe and it is ringing alarming bells for the ones who brushed this media down as not good to be seen in their media mix. As more people become mobile, as more cars and vehicles get into the street driving miles, to and from work and business, the number in the TG of the medium is going up dramatically. It is not the same old bill boards any more. It is a multiple choice and it is there everywhere. From billboards to street- furniture, from transit media such as buses, railways and mobile-vans to new alternate media such as mall kiosks, building boards and you name it.. it is there everywhere…The media planner of today has a problem of abundance …It is just his problem of choice depending on the type of TG that he wants to reach out….

A 2000 crore industry (as per the industry estimates) by 2010, Outdoor is not adding up to about 6 percent of total media spent (abysmal you feel? but it is getting better year after year) New players ( Clear Channel, News Outdoor Group, Kinetic, Aconda SA, Out of Home Media SA, Posterscope etc) are coming in giving a tough fight to the existing ones( OOH agencies like Ogilvy, Bates 141 (Wall Street), Jagran Engage, Primesite, Serve & Volley, Percept OOH, Aaren Initiative, Portland etc to name a few ). It is not easy but and even the seasoned players have been thrashing it in black waters…Clear Channel the world leader in Outdoor is in India for almost 8 years now and not making any significant change to be able to write back home.

Why is it so?
Problems galore…. Measurement ,the ROI element, creative limitations, flexibility, use of technology and the cost involved, the fragmentation ,non accepetance by the marketing community as a primary advertising
media seems to be endless…

This story takes you through the saga…

To Be Continued>>>>>

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