Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This superbly crafted film was made for the Eye bank association of India by Code Red films that emerged as a dark horse and made awe in the Cannes fest 07. It got rare reviews, ravishing feed backs and some metal but more importantly it opened many an eyes, to the reality that not all see the colours that we the more fortunate ones see and don’t see that easily in our hectic life.. It pricked the conscience of many who (I bet you did that as well) enjoyed the blush and imagery, swayed with the amazing music, got dissolved in the acting, saw the colours and had mirth in them, had laughter, relived past in a joyous nostalgia when the real point struck like a sudden fall of lightening…the climax… and then it pained…. A good communication indeed it is, for it does the basic work - communicates, simply and stunningly …

More communication is required here, India in particular, where the awareness ( basic info about eye donation) is abysmally low in spite of all the Aishwarya Rai’s and Amitabh Bachans who have done high-quality (and free, I am told.. HMMM!!!) work they have done in acting and exhorting in ads that told people to donate their eyes…In a recent survey among some 577 people across various Indian cities, a pathetic 22 % was aware of the eye donation and various options available…blissfully ignorant !!!

This ad has to be seen in that context, even though it is again a basic awareness ad and India needs more of reminder ads and ads aimed at families, who after the donors death comfortably disregard the promise, either because of ignorance, or misperception …The social ad makers have to take the communication to the next phase where it will strike the family unit and make it a culture, and slowly a custom ,to not only sign the donation papers, but also follow it when the good soul has left the body !!!

And the reach is a pointing question.. how many people would have seen this ad? or for that matter other ads with a social cause in mind? Why is it so?

How I hope that more people got to see this ad !!!

Next time when some one quotes Advertising as the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need show them this ad…

Credits goes to :
Lyrics : Gopal Datt
Singer : Ravindra Upadhyay
Music Director : Rajat Dholakia
Cinematographer : Amitabha Singh
Concept & Script : Manish Bhatt & Raghu Bhat
Producer : Subrat Ray
Project leader: Gajraj Rao

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