Thursday, December 01, 2005

The customer is the king .... of utopia

I am back ,, and i flew back from Chennai to Cochin in Air Deccan (Yes .. the simplifly airline). It was scheduled at 10.45 in the morning, which was not going to happen i knew.Experienced heads had warned me that the common man's airline never keeps up the time and 2- 3 hours delay was a routine which the flier's ( most of them first timers ) accepted without much of complaints, as they took it to be a wonderful oppurtunity to go around seeing the mind boggling airport architecture.. i waited and waited and no response- the only one air deccan employee, who kept on saying that it will be coming, had no clue, as to when it is going to happen.

Of course Airdeccan made life fruitful for many..

Many who couldnt even think of flying could now fly, bewilder at the marvel of this wonderful human discovery, could now ply through clouds which they knew only as abode of gods...

Many who could only look those who had the good fortune to fly, with eyes of envy and disgust,could now check in , and board and even see airhostesses with plastic smiles.....

But the inordinate delay, and no explanation whatsoever put me into doubts... do the customer have a choice..? or is it just a mirage?? I could see apart from Air Deccan, Air Sahara, Paramount, King fisher, Jet, Spice, Indian airlines... and a lot more ..clearly a welcome change in the Indian skies but.. what is the ground result..?

simpliwait..?? simpliyawn..?? simplicurse..??

My apologies if i sound pessimist, but i believe in results and they simply are confusing... i may fly with Air Deccan again, because it saves me a lot of money for me and my company but that is it..
The customer is the king.... the king of utopia...

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