Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just Wasting Time...

I had been to Chennai ( it is in south of India, and called as the Indian Detroit due to big presence of global automobile giants) and happened to visit JWT in Chennai and Group M -Mindshare offices , to meet old friends. I will not name any but still forgive me guys when you read this.. i have to put it in here , no other way..

Everyone was buoyant.. the Group M guys because the 20 crore media plans and execution went perfect and the client went back blissfully and the JWT guys because Abhishek Bacchan and the Go fida thing was rocking..

In 1943, J Walter Thompson, now JWT, developed the first slogan for Ford Motor Company: "There's a Ford in Your Future." More than 60 years later, in 2005, JWT continues to handle national print and broadcast advertising for Ford, as well as dealer advertising, direct mail, and sponsorships. The decades-long relationship stands out as a remarkable success in the advertising and business.

But ever since the Ford Fiesta campaign broke(GO FIDA...!) i wanted to ask some one about it..
Also i got inspired by a colleague and friend of mine ,who in one of his blogs had asked 'Go what?? ' pertaining to the meaninglessness that the slogan- go fida- conveys to the non hindi speaking crowds.. not only "Madrasis'( Harish.. u inspire me a lot..)

I had this creative guy from JWT ,an old friend sitting across me in a famous Malayali restaurant in Chennai where we were having lunch together, when i asked him the question...

Who said .. he retorted...we did research and it said that people simply love the campaign..

Which people.. and where did u do the research..? i asked

He blabbered and i knew that they would have done it in and around the city of Chennai which is a large metro, populated by mixed crowds.

Even otherwise, ... he said Ford does not do it different languages..... they said we want one pan Indian slogan...

Ford is (in)famous for the YOU CAN PAINT MY CAR WITH ANY COLOR , AS LONG AS IT IS BLACK attitude...But i ,even in the wildest of my assumptions couldnt think that they still possess it , in tits and bits..

I asked many in Chennai, the non hindi speaking people but the possible buyers.. rich but typical southies...

None of them knew what it meant..Worse.. many didnt even know the small B ,whom JWT thought is going to sell Ford Fiesta like hot cake....

I would be too glad to know if some one can proove otherwise.. but as of now i feel , for the non hindi speaking crowd, it is Just Wasting Time..

From your heavenly abode ,forgive me James Walter Thomson....but they have thrown out your name and just want to keep your initials...


foot note: "Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today" - Anon..

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