Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Invading the content ...(Part 5)

Continued from part 4

The Audience Intolerance .....

Product placement can be active or passive or in other terms obvious or subdued. Not withstanding the sponsor’s (the product owner) pride on his product and his desire to see and hear his brand again and again in the programme and prominently, too much of use of product placements will see a slope in audience attitude to the whole idea. When audience feels that products are infringing on their pleasure of watching TV, it can be termed as the Audience Intolerance Threshold Point, where the TG steps into a zone of intolerance to not only the products so placed but also the programmes in which they are placed. They start abhorring the programme itself, in a typical case of spontaneous trait transference. Research has proven that many consumer groups have felt that product placements is a form of deceptive advertising which will cause purchase intention in movie goers, who are unaware of the persuasive intent of brand placement .

The after effects of the TG entering the intolerance threshold can be diverse and manifold. Of course the audience apathy to the programme as well as the product(s) in question is the most apparent one, but other effects like inflicted damage to the editorial integrity of the programme, and the collapse of the perceived trustworthiness of the media may also result.The causes for such intolerance are summarised in the figure below

The four P's of audience intolerance ,as I would call it, in a summary ...............

to be continued.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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