Friday, November 16, 2007

Some ads are not bad!!

Some ideas are intimidating. Some are the results of hours of brain storming. As one of my teachers used to say " some questions are simple, but the road to get simple answers to them is more complex.".

I feel that in this ad, a simple and subtle idea is executed well with a combination of nice words in the copy and fitting imagination.

A cliched imagination, but a creative result. Although the idea of charming the surroundings is not new, we can't help it nor we can ignore it.

This advertisement has got an idea into it. Stare at it closely or you will miss it!


Mythili chaturvedi said...

hi sabu/dileep.

this is a very nice blog and very much informative. This post is very good and the ads are brilliant. Keep posting. all the best


Anonymous said...

give me more give me more!
ads are good,blog is cool,
give me more give me more!

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