Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Animated Fun

Is it wise to become animated in expressing ourselves? Some companies feel so. BP had found that fun related animations can convey their messages quickly. I feel that animated ads engage us because of its novelty, freedom in bringing flexibility to script( because we need not work with real characters) , a befitting background music and fun involved.
Look for advertisements of BP like this one. See it here.

Apple Ipod and itunes were most sought after brands, designs and electronic gadgets of 2007. Some of us have felt happy and sometimes unhappy regarding its price cut during Xmas. But they have also used animated ads in venezuela and US to impress the buyers. Watching it is worth it. Take a look here.

Look for Paul McCartney dancing for ipod tunes in a fascinating animation here.

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Anonymous said...

In india, animated ad not attracts the buyers,,sun network tried in sun music channel animated ads with popular local language songs still its also seen just an ad amoung all...animated ads with emotional attachment may work in india.

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