Thursday, January 03, 2008

It happens only in advertising !!!!

Well the new year is here and here are some happenings which they say and I got in the net, which makes our dear industry unique and special... it happens everywhere ,everytime, no matter whether it is 2007 or 2008... just keeps advertising... no matter what , with all the ifs and buts, and butts, it is still the best industry to be in.. aint it folks???

Yeah, We don't like the orange color. Can't we just fade red into the yellow?"
(Client to art director)

"Adapt concept to billboard, 40 feet by 60 feet. For presentation, please make actual-sized mock-up"
( young Account exe to visualiser)

"Overall, it's a great ad. But I don't like the headline, and I don't like the layout" - "What do you like? The border?" - "Well...yes"
(Conversation between Client and Agency)

"How did you change the TV channel on the brochure cover?"
(Client, referring to Photoshop work performed on a stock photo)

"Can we hear it before you record it?"
(Client, to agency creative team working on a radio spot)

"I need the background to be transparent. I have some transparencies that you can scan so you can have a transparent layer in Photoshop."
(Agency Boss offering help to bewildered designer)

"Don't worry, this project is really just a graphic design exercise, it doesn't require any real thinking or anything"
(Agency, Account Executive to Designer)

"Logo needs to be bigger on the front page, so it can be seen across a room if in a brochure stand"
( client, to Designer about brochure revisions)

"How can I put the link on my desktop when you know I only have a laptop?"
(IT Client to Agency)

"The client has given us FINAL approval, but asked if we could change one small thing."
( acc exe to Art Director)

"I will contact the artist, what is his name?" - "Vincent Van Gogh" - "Ok, I will call him and get his approval."
( Account Executive to Art Director on being told that ´Sunflowers´ cannot be used in the layout because of copyright issues)

"I really like it, but can you make the type a darker white so it shows up more?""
(Client, to Art Director)

"I'll fax our logo over right now and you can use that in the ad."
(Client in email response to designer's request for a camera-ready logo)

"We're not going to do a brief because the project was already briefed past week."
( Account Executive after an Art Director who had to take care of a project instead of his ill colleague)

"Could you possibly give us a design for the business card that's more like the one our CEO designed in PowerPoint?"
( Marketing Director to Designer)

"I like take 1 and 3"
(Client on hearing same v/o played 4 times)

"Please call me in an hour… but I will not answer because I am in a meeting"
(Client Service Director to Client)

"So the TV ad is going to be a cartoon?"
(Client, when reviewing storyboards)

"Can you add a drop shadow or bevel to the logo?"
(Client to Designer)

"We like the red/burgundy color of the logo - but can you make it a different shade of burgundy?"
(Client to Designer)

"It just hangs there like a useless tit."
( Account Executive commenting on font choice)

"I don't think that's the colour of synergy"
( Senior Strategy VP to designer)

"Please shoot me a JPEG of that font"
(Client asking designer for fonts for his computer)

"What does the Red Cross logo look like?"
(Client to designer for health services logo)

"We need to send the client a .jpg of the image as soon as possible." - "Sure. Do you think the .jpg will fit in this size envelope?"
( Intern to another intern, who was holding up an actual 6x9 envelope)

"I'm going home, we're presenting the campaign tomorrow. Have you started with the pieces yet? Let me take a quick look, I just want to see the logos."
( Account Executive to art director)

"Make it wild but conservative!"
( Account Executive, to Art Director)

"We need your help. According to what I understood from the client, we have to put subtitles on the radio spots. Is that doable?"
( Account Axe to producer)

"I'll send you the changes in a few minutes, but start mounting in order to save time."
(brand manager to acc exe)

What are those lines on the side? Take them out, they don't look right."
(Client to acc exe looking at crop marks)

"I don't get this estimate. You wrote 4-color printing and I want more colors. With only 4 we'll get nowhere."
(brand Manager to acc exe)

"I call you because I'm watching the ads with the client and I've just realized I don't understand them either."
( Account Executive, calling in the middle of a presentation)

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Harish B said...

thats really a cool one to start 2008.

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