Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Seriously Thoda Zyada

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
And he had a great fall ( or is it a jump?)

Some advertisements use acrobatics to win people and titillate their eye balls. Some of us have learned our nursery rhymes well, but some of us like to adopt them into ad scripts. In order to explain that we produce something extra ordinary, all "me too" products either create several sub categories and find their niches. Advertisements cannot be true to themselves, they can be imaginative as an Axe perfume ad! ( I would say others have tried to copy the oomph factor from them). But some can be ineffective and similar. Let us look at three such advertisements of last year, which do create a usual element of " audience attention" because of its similarities with each other.
Start...Action.... yes its only about action!.. for a Thums Up bottle. Akshay Kumar does an acrobatic stunt, jumping from one building to other and then to a truck carrying Thums Up. See it here. Now its Juhi's turn for a packet of Kurkure. She is funny even though. If a packet can reduce our gravitational acceleration ( as that in the moon)- woh kya karizma hai. It was "seriously thoda zyada', not because of the attractiveness it had, but because, a brand which wanted to tell itself as a product, that we would have with tea, shouldn't have been so..weightless!.
Cut..Cut it please... If you would like to say that, we have a royal stag advertisement too. See it here. Some of the fellows are jumping again. Oh! Indian consumers are going berserk now. They will start jumping from their terraces or falling like Humpty Dumpty, because they don't have milk or onion at home.


Anonymous said...

Pessimists to the core.The adformula team is nothing but a group of losers and they just are here to make fun of successful brands and people. If you are true to what you say publish this comment it is easy to play from the gallery .

Anthara sharma said...

Well It is an ad which is exaggerated and let us admit that. Why is the blogger a looser when he says bad about a communication? Did he ever commit to you that they will speak only good about all the junk that you produce and spell on us without any second thoughts and commonsense?

Marc stevenson said...

Well said Dileep .Even though I don't get the language part of it i feel it is just an other pretentious and incomprehensible nonsense. Bang them and let them see the light.This tunnel cannot be endless !

Dileep said...

On behalf of adformula team and for satsfying myself, I should make a comment too.

Let us see the ads " in terms of creativity" involved. We find that protagonists in ads doing almost the same. So, often if am seeing one of them, I am likely to recall one more ad among these three. So uniqueness of ads will be lost.

Further, our team had appreciated good ideas before and will be doing so.

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