Monday, January 21, 2008

Mannequins- Moving With Your Finger Tips

It was evening. In the dim light somebody was working at the stall. I saw a woman moving in between mannequins and dolls. She may be the store designer. She was taking care of those statues, as if they were her children. I was waiting to see what would happen. After half an hour, in dim red and yellow lights, mannequins dressed for party was looking like bewitching beauties, waiting to entice the pedestrians.

I turned my head to the pedestrians. They went as if nothing was happening in the shop. Some shoppers, who came through the front door, did not notice, the work behind the curtains. I felt pity for the store designer. Was it her fault? I would say emphatically "no!!'. But, modern customers have no time to stare. When their mobile phones ring, when the milling crowd shoves them from one point to another, while waiting in the queue, while finding parking slots, while looking at the clothes and trying them, the crowd turn their heads, out of frustration and miss the beautiful work of store designers.

But the modern technology has found some solutions to attract the generation of computer game players and mobile TV onlookers. In the Digital Retailing Expo in Chicago, a mobile-enabled digital mannequin was displayed. It allows consumers to customize the model's clothes displayed on the screen using their cell phones as a remote control. Allowing mobile owners to use mobile phone like a remote control to surf or communicate with large screens in storefront windows, cafes, bars or city streets and converts passive out-of-home networks into interactive marketing networks, creating a closed loop between the web, mobile phones and retail spaces.

Hmm......indeed it will be a treat to eyes, if the digital mannequins walk in the ramp, change clothes according to your wish, smile, dance and pause!..but shouldn't we realise that such advertisements using mannequins have become old fashioned, because our consumers' are moving at a faster pace than we have ever imagined. And another truth is that, we wouldn't ever feel satisfied with clothes, unless we try them on.

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Anonymous said...

its all about connecting to people dileep and its not the only one way,it is just one way in what you call as the 360 degree communication, just one customer touch point. How you say that it could be outdated for everyone when a young man like you have time, to wander in the street and hang around to see what the store keeper is doing with the mannequins.How many such people are around? Anyways its nice to see Adformula moving places. Kudos to the team .

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