Thursday, April 12, 2007

Discussion Board

Its a draft plan- which I created as an advertisement for a " watch brand" .
Target Consumer: Indian, Semi/Upper middle class, with a busy life style and job
Caption: Absolutely Precious..for that individual for whom "Time is Money"

Its an ad created at home, and doesn't seem to be as perfect from a studio, yet I would like the viewers to interact and comment on the theme, the settings in the picture and the meaning that the advertisement can convey to the consumer!.. I would like to discuss on the elements and their impressions on the viewer.
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Anonymous said...

does this represent today's youth?

Dileep said...

Today's youth between the age of 20-30 yrs are not only web-users, but voracious readers, working in multinational companies nad such and it also depends on the age-group to be focussed, whether its just a trendy new form of watch or a watch for job-seeking and aspiring youngsters

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