Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Book Review: 9 Secrets of Advertising

Yesterday, I walked into " Landmark" store- a book and accessories retail chain in order to make a list of good books related to marketing, advertising and branding. With a bit of scepticism, I approached the book " 9 Secrets of Advertising" as the book was only 114 pages in total. But few pages into the book, I realised that this book would be handy for any body who would like to become an account manager or an aspirant who would like to start a fledgling advertising agency.
As mentioned in the title there are 9 sections in the book which speaks about self examination, managing creativity, about relationships with people, how to maintain good and necessary relationships with clients, planning projects, media and new account management. It also highlights the need for change. In simple words, it covers most of the areas which an advertising agency would encounter to maintain its business.
Ram Sehgal, the author of the book , had 15 years of experience working at HTA( now JWT) and had also moulded the agency " Contract Advertising" as the President of the company. He speaks about the need for clarity in communication, self analysis, a lesser ego, an ability to candidly apologise for mistakes, punctuality and understanding the needs of clients as essential for agency as well as executives.
He says : Advertising is an industry of fragile egos, Hardly a conducive situation in people's business. He stresses on the need , from the part of the client to motivate the creative department in the ad agency as well as proper briefing required before making a copy. the book talks about etiquette, the essentials and need for open-mindedness in relationships and at work.
He is also author of the book " Mixed Feelings: My Advertising Years". Some other books I found interesting were:
B2B Brand management : Kotler, Pfortesch
fall of Advertising & Rise of PR: Al Ries & Laura Ries
The Advertising Handbook: Dell Dennison

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