Thursday, April 05, 2007

Confessions of a Novice

It’s been a week now, I am here at last. I wanted to be here for sometime now. I left two jobs for this, did a course and at last I am here. I had lots of expectations and still have. I believe I can do something useful. This is the career I chose, after being through several job changes. I am not here because of the perceived glamour and panache attached. I am here because my consciousness told me.

My first week was full of activities. New office, new environment, new office timings and new People. Office renovation is happening. In my previous job I had only very few well defined activities to do. But here I have done a whole lot in the first week itself.

My first assignment (apart from introductions to account I am supposed to handle) was to buy a pair of T-shirts for the forthcoming “Brand launch”. Specifications were given. Hunt for T-shirt was fun. I have never put so much effort in buying a T-shirt, not even for me.

Next assignment was to buy cloths for Soft boards (pin-up board). Spent one full day, selecting colour, texture.

Spent time with creative team, gave some ideas and suggestions, corrected some layouts, Googled some info, read about client, talked to senior servicing person.

I have joined an advertising agency!!!

I am not quite certain what all things am going to do in this Industry. I have already told my wife that hence TV remote will be under my control. I will decide which channel/program to watch, U know I need to know about my client, about their competitors, about category, latest trends and above all see lots of ads. So far she has neither told me to quit the job nor discussed about buying another TV.

It is pure fun ..EVEN with my clothes on...
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harish said...


Payeng said...

Hi Sabu,

So you have changed your job.. and right now in an Ad Agency.

Talking of Advertisements.. the cricket world Cup 2007 has turned into a Cup of Woes for many sponsors.. How about a post on it..??

Sabu Mangalasserril said...

oh no Payeng...dat is not me..its my co author sandeep varma's" confessions" .I am still sticking with my job...thanks for the suggestion dear but i guess i have already written on the cricket tangle...titled " ..kinldy read it and send ur valuable comments...

Anonymous said...

Gr888 piece.all d best for the new step sandeep and hope our writings now will turn more naughty.

A well wisher

sandeep varma said...


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