Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fashion is an Attitude

Gucci Fashion Week

Calvin Klein Show

Are we having a bold attitude for( against) fashion?

Attitude, according to psychology is an emotion. As an old saying goes, " Clothes maketh a man". The clothes we wear brings a positive aura and add a few touches to our personality and individual style.

The Lakme India Fashion Week was crowded. But still, Indians seem a bit reluctant to be frank about fashion. Indians wear clothes that speak of their opulence and status in the society. But are we conscious about the clothes that would really suit us. A fashion show open our eyes to different styles.

Its doubtful whether we have aesthetic patience to select a style that would suit us. We " make-do" with many things in our life.

Are we comfortable listening to our inner desires? Do we feel comfortable with colours, silk, cotton and other forms of material and probably our choice shifts from one point of time to other. A fashion statement or a fag is short-living and it spreads with buzz created about designers. It motivates a designer to create a niche, to pitch creativity for a noble cause.

We probably are selfish to make ourselves , the eye-candy of every other living entity. But do we despise the profession were models spend hours listening to fashion designers, posing for photographers and toil harder to impress the gathering.

We frankly fail to acknowledge others.

Fashion is an attitude. It speaks about clothes that create a statement , adding a personal touch. The models provoke us to an experience, exuding confidence, dressed to possess our minds, making us jealous and impatient to possess a particular wardrobe that would make us feel comfortable.

Its advertising that creates desire. A desire to become more beautiful than we are.

Sadly, we don't realise the self-confidence of the model!..which we require to feel comfortable in our clothes!.

Many apparrel and accessories companies use fashion shows as a brand building and marketing platform for them. Armani, Gucci, Prada, Levis, Reebok and Calvin Klein are there just to name a few... events and shows seems to be taking over...
Advertising beware !!!
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vanamali krishna said...

mmm looks interesting... a trend change here???

anthara sharma said...

well it certainly amuses , but is that a new phenomenon? it was happening always rite?

Dileep said...

Yes, it was happening.. I was just remarking that we need to have a change of attitude and become conscious about how we dress up :)

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