Monday, April 16, 2007

And now, for a good reason!!!

Lebanon, as we know is in a lot of strife..... the reason...? Lebanese society has been structured according to religious confessions or sects. Within a country of 10,000 km², they have over 17 official religious sects and that is not the reason but the fissures that exist in the minds of the people got so infectious that we see the country as a whole as a dangerous place ....
To quote from a text about the problems there.....Sectarianism is intertwined in our daily life, and has been so for years, officially and in society. Most official positions are based on religious denominations. Sectarianism was one of the main factors leading to the civil war, but even today, everybody still thinks along religious lines and divides people into sectarian groups. The topic was always a taboo subject, until the “Spring Revolution” of 2005. With this movement, the creation of civil society groups brought together people from every religion, and made it clear to many that civil society-led initiatives could effectively make a difference.
05AMAM , an NGO working for the cause of the development of a modern, sovereign state built on non-feudalism, non-confessionalism and non-clientelism, encouraging transparent processes and institutions in order to reform the current system to implement the Rule of Law for all citizens of lebanon, thought about a campaign that made a difference. The campaign focuses on the ridiculous/harmful side of sectarianism/confessionalism and its excesses in every day life. Generously conceived for AMAM by a multi-confessional creative team of like-minded people from the H&C
Leo Burnett agency, the campaign is bound to make you both laugh and think.
The tone, which is innovative, provocative, funny and straight to the point, will most certainly generate debate and provoke much-needed thinking about the reality of how far confessionalism dictates our every day social behaviour. It was there everywhere..print..outdoor...ambient and you can see it all here.... For TV ads click here.....
Now trust me , advertising can be for good too....
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