Monday, April 23, 2007

The Branding of great Indian railways!!!!

Chennai central railway station

Characters: Sabu and Sandeep

Sabu: hey nice to meet you sandeep, which train? Colgate or Pepsi?

Sandeep : No Sabu, did not get tickets for Colgate, trip was not planned, so got it in Rexona, which is your train? Lux or Nike?

Sabu: Nike, need to reach early morning, now Nike is super fast you know?

Sandeep: Gr8, ok then time for my Rexona, see you have a nice trip

Sabu: Same to you also...

You think these two characters have gone nuts? ..........

Sorry they are as normal and sane as you. They are just boarding their trains.

Recently India's first branded train was flagged off from Banglore, south India. Kurkure Bangalore-Hubli Summer Special and Kurkure Bangalore-Chennai weekly train. The first branded train of Indian Railways named after a corporate brand — Kurkure, brand owned by Pepsi. Brand name would feature along with the train's name in all announcements, reserved tickets, reservation charts, destination boards etc.

The corporates will provide cleaner coaches and toilets on the special trains,
( ha ......ready for a train journey?) The brand would also pay an advertisement fee to the Railways. Passengers on board the Nagercoil-bound train received free sachets of Kurkure as an inaugural gesture.

The Pepsi-owned Kurkure bagged the brand train tender, floated by the Railways. Though companies like Airtel, Tata Tele and Sony Ericsson had also participated in the bid, Kurkure had the highest bid. The Indian Railways is expected to earn around Rs1 million from the brand trains. No wonder Indian railways is making huge profits.

So coming days We would be traveling in Titan or MRF or even Kellogs who knows?

Kind Attention please,............. Train number 5386 , Chennai- Mumbai Nike express will start from Platform number 8

Just get in!!!!!

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ankurindia said...

its a good idea to use ad revenues to upgrade facillities in railways . they are getting more and more smarter

Anonymous said...

mmmm looks good and why Lalu couldnt do all this in bihar?

Dileep said...

What can we say more about?

Quite sarcastically spoken..but seems there are admirers...
Are we falling down to corporate tycoons..
even though ad revenue of such forms are good for indian Railways..
Halt Lalu Halt..

Its another form of brand vandalism

Sam George@JWT said...

what nonsense..? brand vandalism? what on earth makes dileep think that way one wonders. there is nothign wrong in brands being everywhere. Dileep is crazy it seems.

Anonymous said...

thats great news. so finally even Railways are opening ...

Brand-ad!!! said...

gr8 one....

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