Friday, June 29, 2007

Amul Makhanwaali ! - Taste of India

Many incidents happen daily in India, the second largest populated country in the world. Some of these become news items, some escape our eyes. Our newspaper dailies would die if there are no issues to discuss about, media make some of them sensational. Then the rest of its done by Indian Janatha, who would like to get more attention by staying in the news. But Amul, brand of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), adds humour to some of the events and gives it a lighter side. Shakira danced swinging her hips, in front of crazy fans and sang "Hips Don't Lie" from her album oral fixation. Amul found her lips more interesting!

Vaji Vaji!.."Shivaji", one of the recent films of super star Rajnikanth, still showing at the theatres and which media and fans, recieved with huge passion was not left unnoticed. Amul gave credit to his stellar performance this way!

The heat wave, which set North India on fire to almost intolerable 42 degrees. Amul sympathised with the Indians - Umbrellas were not enough!

When Shilpa is on the media, It is something sensational. Now, everyone had understood that she just can't stop dreaming, by not being in a tabloid or the other. Richard Gere's Kiss, in an AIDS awareness Show- Jo Kuch Jyada Hee Tha!.. Amul ko aisa laga!..

Kabhi Kabhi Cheeni Kam Khao.. ( Eat some less sugar!).. because if sometimes we live long and find love, we needn't be afraid to get married. So eat delicious Amul Butter and be healthy!

We didn't leave Angelina Jolie alone. It was one of the opportune moment, when a Hollywood film was being made in India, remembering Daniel Pearl- " Mighty Heart". But she brought with her mighty companions- the personal security staff. Amul found it amazing!
Nothing has ever escaped Maakhanwaali's eyes. Amul advertisements have always found some incidents and presented them in a good taste!


Blogeswari said...

Thalaivar's Amul was the best of the lot.. thanks.. have posted it in mine, too :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahha amul leaves a smile and that is cool for a brand. cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Nice collection of Amul's ad .....

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