Friday, June 22, 2007

Clients, Creativity and Credits

We listen to several methods of making an organisation innovative in many training programs. We read books of Edward De Bono to try new techniques to spark creativity. In between, we have fun with our new imaginations like walking in rain ( as seen in Limca ad ) , fighting for Slice jumping on the top of a mini lorry, or do a mouth watering dance performance ( Coca Cola or Pepsi) , or walk wearing boxes(Maruti Estillo).

Advertising firms are in a fix and it is often exasperating when Client comes to you with almost the same set of requirements, but the creatives will have to give a different set of expressions, for the same target market. So, the situation is quite similar to :

In order to find a fresh approach, we ourselves try to follow our own rules. But finally the Boss finds it..

But when it comes to applause, recognition and credits, most often in many organisations, something happens- its not surprising, it is so- The Boss is Always Right!..

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1 comment:

Anthara Sharma said...

Hi dileep good work done. Guess Sabu is out of town .This blog is becoming really cool and of top order. May God bless u guys ! every time I open it, and go thru it, u guys leave a smile on my face and that is no easy task ...

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