Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jiyo Ab Mentos Zindagi

Amusing, Humorous and Bindaas- If we can describe mentos advertisements in three words, so be it. If you don’t know how to walk in to a silent hall, better watch “mentos” ads in idiot box. This would not be a problem for women because they are gracious “cat walkers”.

If it seems to you that “mentosians” are genius, don’t worry. You can just ask a query at ‘mentoshelpline’ here.
If you are fed up with “love problems”, (oho! seems men are interested), Kanjula Kakkad or Nymphia Contractor will help you. If you are an aspiring receptionist, just lend a copy of ‘ 7 habits of Highly Effective Receptionsits’ from Kanjula.
But to become a 'mentosian' like her, you would need a wealthy father ( to get some pocket money) and like Nymphu, better keep your official age secret. You should also have to be like 'Vierdo Pablo' who is eloquent in nonsense subjects.
But at least, you will have to eat mentos regularly and begin giving valuable 'mentos' answers. Some of my friends are too good at it. Beware of the competition!..
And finally, do a sneak peak and fill your pockets with mentos as she need not have too much junk food..dimag ki batti kabhi to jalao na..!

And something serious, the advertisements are able to understand the young minds who especially like doing what they like. It keeps the young and adolescent interested!..
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Neville said...


Who is Kanjula Kakkad in real life anyway? =) Just a little curious!

Anonymous said...

I am also curious , whats her real name ?

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