Monday, June 11, 2007

Deccan Chronicle- Bolder and Better!..

Some news-makers make news and attract people by telling that "we have selling 1,000,000,.........." copies of our daily and that we are one among the top. Some advertisements carry endorsements speaking about their honesty, authenticity of reporting, by eminent and popular people. But "Deccan Chronicle" has made it more exciting, un-embarassing and attractive.
Take a look at some of the hoardings! that they have put in AP and TamilNadu.. Don't miss them when you are hurrying to office.. Just take a moment and come back to see it again.

Scrupulous!.. Shouldn't news be made exciting?

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Anonymous said...

suggestive? huh it is outright vulgur and it simply prooves that people ,even media can go any limits to sell their stuff. shame on them and you for glorifying such dirt

Anonymous said...

very true. Adformula should not become a pornformula !

Dileep said...

Hmmm... I agree that ads are suggestive and expected comments!
But I feel that this advert is very mild, it says that we will be able to understand both sides of same coin.But ify ou are so sensitive to this "one", better close your eyes, as their is more dirt in this world than you presume

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