Thursday, June 21, 2007

Making of 'Fastrack' Storyboard

Have we ever thought how difficult it would be to tell a convincing fairy tale story to make a crying kid happy? Its quite difficult, as we become older, we become less imaginative and more logical. Then how tough it would be to prepare a storyboard for commercials, which lasts only for few seconds to one minute.
Neil Labute said once , " I wanted to tell a story that interested me as much in the telling as in the watching. " This is what the creatives and 'storyboard' writers would want to accomplish. Not only that, the fast moving commercial, should stay in viewers' minds.
Without any celebrity fanfare or any endorsement, the fastrack watch commercial stays different. The guy wearing a watch on his belt is surprised to see that others are impressed, and a little bit crazy. In the beginning, he hears a whistle and girls bend over to take alook of his new watch. then, he finds kids hanging upside down on a wall and smiling. Girls find him more amusing than ever.
" What's the time, Yaar?", one girl asks the other and the guy realises that everyone is looking at his watch. The ad ends with a note " How many do you have?". Its inspires young minds, speaks about the style and the target market, quite in a humorous but with a prettier angle to it.
So think again.. when a story board has to be prepared for an advertisement. It has to linger in our minds and we are short of time..Just few seconds to make a long lasting impression!
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