Friday, June 08, 2007

Wolf Olin's Olympic Logo and Ad-In the Middle of Controversies

With a huge fan fare and spending more than a million, the London Olympics logo and advertising was designed and finalised. But it was spotted with an impish pink colour with london written in one of the zig-zag pieces..which looks like a piece of paper torn!
The olympic symbol in a dimunitively unimpressive way lies in one of the bits. The logo had several bits and was criticised by many as an " unimpressive presentation" of Olympic spirits.

The brand was launched with huge expectations, thinking that youth will embrace it with enthusiasm and curiosity. it was also followed with a small commercial in which a "diver" dives into a pool of water , forming multicolor ripples.

This created a controversy hotter than before....because it even created epileptic fits!..So better do nothing if its not the best!..

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