Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Drink Milk..It's always been survival of the fittest!!

It was not just a "drink milk " ad that we have seen it making smiles and white moustaches.... It is part of an advertising campaign which made lot of awareness about the need to drink milk , in a larger part of the Latin america ,especially Argentina.... While the use and need , of adults taking in milk is disputable, may be the next ads makers (which is not part of the Latin american campaign) realised that an "adult selling point" has to be given to actally make the deal.... Funny it looks but I am told that the trick was done.... see it and you will know why....

Now back to the next ad of the Latin american campaign" it's always been survival of the fittest"... Enjoy !!!

and this one,,,,I love the wicked looks of the Dinosour..!!!

advertising rocks !!! and here is my favourite..just for the climax....

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