Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Fun Gun!

NB: The characters in this story are purely fictional, and resemblance to anybody living or dead is purely coincidential

Dear Sir,

This is an application from the common man. I was gifted with a television during Minister's rally 3 years before. Now, I spend 150 rupees every month to watch satellite channels. I have a provison to see only 150 channels only. I used to watch Sun TV, Sun Music and other channels every day. As I was very intersted to see action channel AXN also, but it was coming as 184 th channel service and I could not tune my TV to it. The service provider always smiled and said nothing. In order to know about Tamilnadu politics, I used to watch SunTV, Saritha TV and Makan TV. On August 15, I heard that, in order to watch Tamizhar TV, I don't have channels left. So I had to go to service provider and tune the TV again. He asked me 250 rupees. My monthly unemployment pension is over. I couldn't pay the fee to satellite provider and they have temporarily cut my connection.
I am not able to know about politics in Tamilnadu as all major politicians have their own channels and I am not able to learn anything. I am utterly blinded. Being a very common and curious Indian, please provide me with additional emoluments so that I can watch your TV channel.But Sir, I have watched your short films and advertisement , as it is available in all channels, yet am very curious to see yours too.
I am very grateful about the TV.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Common Man.

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R.Puratchimani said...

well...dileep you have improved a lot. i would rate this post a number 1 among all ur posts.keep it up

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