Saturday, August 04, 2007

The fun gun...!!!

On a Saturday morning, when we look out of our bedroom window, sipping coffee, we miss the usual noisy clamour. My mum used to tell a story about one such saturday. She saw a crowd gathering near a man, who was talking loudly, standing at a corner of temple grounds.
" peacock oil, peacock oil, come and buy and experience good health. Just apply few drops on your body, and you could flex your body like a gymnast, a yoga master. It not only makes you more flexible and healthy, it will also cure and remove pains from body joints. Come and buy!.only few bottles left."
Sometimes advertisements are plausible, sometimes they aren't!..

This happened to me on a terrible night!

She was looking gorgeous, but something was amiss. When it comes to fashion, its "serendipity."

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