Friday, August 10, 2007

The ‘E’ factor in Advertising

“Zara si hasi..dular zara sa. Amul…the taste of India”- Amul

"Anokhi shudhata, anokha asar. Dhara." - Dhara Vegetable oil

'Respect comes naturally with an Accent.' - Hyundai Accent

“Kuch bandhan atoot hote hain, jaise Airtel ka network.” – Airtel

“Just do it. “- Nike

We have heard them. They are very closely associated with brands. But these jingles often bring back a visual memory of the advertisement along with them.

A brand, which acts as a metaphor, has to evolve with time. But, how often is a brand remembered? Which appeal will suit a brand well? – These are some questions that we often ask ourselves before developing the brand. An emotional appeal and an emotional association, sieve through clamor of every day life and stay in consumer minds. A story, which is often developed with a product offering, must be sensible enough.

A brand is often associated to a personality, a story told about itself, in a manner which results in an inspiration and emotional bond. An advertisement should focus on:

Who is going to influence the buying decision in family?

Who is likely to be the potential buyer and who is the influencing member in the collective decision?

Tell a fitting story. Stories create connections for people. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience.

Is the brand correlation in coincidence with the social group or the reference group, the customer aspiring to be?

Gossip and fancy can draw customer emotions.

What emotions do customers look for? Jay Conrad Levison says, “a sense of achievement, love, pride of ownership, a sense of security, whether it fits into style, in what community niche he belongs to, ambition of the buyer, ambition and if it offers power"

Now a final word,

"The business executive should realize that the highest form of achievement is always art, never science, and that business leadership is an art worthy of his own respect and the public's plaudits."
(Levitt 1963: 224)

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R.Puratchimani said...

By the by Mr.Dileep...what do u mean by "E"factor? is it "Emotion"??
ur intention to write about emotion is good...
but i feel some focus is missing

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