Thursday, August 30, 2007

When Tennis Became Pretty After Kournikova

When Maria will win all the four grand slams this year, she will be gifted with 100 million dollars. But she's already one of the wealthiest sports person earning 25 million US dollars a year and she is one of the favourites of the advertising firms and media. She was one of the sexy faces which appeared in Sports Illustrated. Now as the Nike Ad says " She's so Pretty" . She's also featured in Palmolive Deodorant advertisement, Hyundai Getz and many others. She does not seem to be lost like "Anna Kournikova". Even though she knows, she has become popular among viewers, she doesn't agree herself to be just a "Sports Diva" , but a little more. But yet Sharapova era has begun.

But for us,

Celebrities cost a lot! They make it easy to maintain ad recall!
They grab the attention of the viewers more than the message!
Finally we pay the price for our admiration, by becoming lovers of those things that they use to carry themselves to differentiate from the crowd.

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