Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Like or Dislike A Media

Media selection, as a matter of fact, is based on Segmentation-Targeting- Positioning decisions. But, if the consumers are clouded with access to several media, not being present in a particular media, will often be a minus point for most of the advertising efforts.

Tom is one among us. He decided to promote his product, say washing machine. In the morning, when his wife was reading the local English daily, saw small classified advertisements for jewellery. She did not find the tiny classified advertisements interesting. But, when his daughter switched on the FM radio, he heard a chirpy RJ, talking quickly about ICICI Mutual Funds. His mobile was ringing and he saw a new SMS message, asking him to call the number, if he was interested in car loans for new models of Maruti. When they decided to go for a film in the near by multiplex, he saw an advertisement of ceramic products in the launch, displayed in an LCD monitor. He felt so unimpressed with all the advertisements and switched on the computer and a desktop pop up ad of a matrimonial site was on the screen. Bewildered at this commercial attack, confused, he was still thinking about a suitable medium for his commercial.

I was also quite intrigued by a similar question about selection of media. Lets take a look at each of them.

Newspapers: It reaches the multitude. It is relatively cheaper compared to other media. But, a small advertisement is likely to miss the viewers' eye, because they are busy reading- "what happened yesterday?". Some of us, often read less of them, because of long working hours.

Radio+ FM Radio: There are a few of us, who listen to the music from FM and AM radios. But we are also tired of listening to radio jockey every day. So, once the voices become familiar, we would naturally ignore. Therefore a package of advertisements, added with humour is necessary to attract listeners.

TV: As the broadcasters club together many commercials, in between programs and as we have the liberty to switch channels, do we care? Unless otherwise interested or if it isn't something new, we are likely to skip commercials, by switching channels.

Online pop up advertisements: It is supposed to reach many. But are we likely to close them, as they prop up, because we are busy checking mails. Then , e-mail marketing, it sounds good, but we often throw everything into the trash.

Mobile Ads: It is one of the most inconvenient and untimely among all. We are likely to delete them or go to an extent to switch mobiles off.

LCD Monitors at Multiplexes: Oh! we are watching the films and we are getting tired and excited. So, whether would we need another dose of visuals at the snacks lounge. Some of them are in the toilets too. Yes, we do ignore them, even if it is quite expensive.
Outdoor Advertising : We are tired of the heavy traffic and waiting for the signals to turn green to reach our destinations. They are interesting and powerful, but do we have a wink of time to look at them.
Oh! sorry, we are onlookers and observers of many-a- media, but we are not likely to be impressed, if commercials do not have a flair of differences, in-built into them by advertising agencies. It is because, we are clogged by many.

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R.Puratchimani said... have improved ur writing style..moreover this piece is really interesting
u have taken pessimistic approach to write this lacks neutrality..eventhough u have said a bit of reality

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