Saturday, September 22, 2007

The confused PUG !!!

Adformula and its obsession with the Hutch pug..rrrr... the Vodafone pug continues... its as cute as ever but this time more meaningful in this brand transition communication.I love the way the color change happened, with traces of pink remaining ,when he comes back home,the perplexed face of the pug and like my two daughters at home, the more I see, the more I love this advertising...

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Charu said...

I liked the ad too - and I liked it that they have retained the pug - but why, oh why, is no one commenting on their line - 'change is good'? Vodafone had better have something significantly better (than Hutch?) in hand to have come up with a line like that... because for consumers, it is at best a name change - pink or red being highly immaterial!

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