Monday, September 03, 2007

Stop!..Wink!..Shop and Go!

Retailing in India was a puzzling snake and ladder chase for many. Firstly, it was so difficult to understand the customers and secondly, there was no dearth of competition. Often we have heard the term "clothes maketh a man" and it is quite natural to judge a person by the clothes he/she wears. And during the festival seasons, the family shops and not just an individual and retail shops, draped with plastic sheets and colourful pamphlets announcing discounts and gifts. Shopper's stop couldn't maintain their momentum in 2001, and so finally went for a change in the communication. The commercials were mostly in black and white, the central character being a woman, with interesting backgrounds like a lorry, a taxi full of boxes, chains locking suitcases and like. This is one of Simrit Brar's design for shopper's stop- different with bright colours and an unusual touch. The promotions never went unnoticed. It had a different spirit and it boosted sales. Contract Advertising which did most of the commercials for Shopper's Stop is one of the leading agencies in India.
It stops the eyes of everybody. They always get curious looks.

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