Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pro or Anti aging.. which side are you?

Six, over-50 gorgeous women do their best 'calender girl' homage in this controversial campaign titled pro age campaign ,designed and executed by their time tested agency O&M,posing buck naked in the ad, which was banned from airing( see the tvc here) and landed Dove in all the mess,because it "showed too much skin". The positive side as I see it, is that it was the first time, that a brand, that too on skin care, was talking to women about aging in a positive tone...Dove, the global beauty brand, boldly challenged the “only young-is-beautiful” stereotype with this Campaign which aimed to sell pro aging (and not anti aging) products . Designed to expose what our anti-aging society has been hiding, proage celebrates women of 50+ by showing their honest, real beauty.

"The advertising campaign is certainly not about nudity, but rather about honesty. . We didn't want to cover these women or enhance their appearances, because they are beautiful just as they are" was the typical and expected company response... it was literally uncovering all of their age spots, grey hair and curves, demonstrating that women are genuinely stunning – at any age.
And the dove site full of delighted customer responses like this one..."Never the less, it is a wonderfull commercial, dignified, respectfull regarding women, has nothing to do wit sex, and the women are great!!! Thanks to the "dove" team for what you are giving us women in ower 50e!!!! "

If publicity was the aim,well it was done....The honesty part, to be frank I feel too small to be commenting on a brand like DOVE..its all history and it is better that we learn a lesson or two from it....


Blogeswari said...

Loved the TVC.. the thought behind it, the execution, faces.. everything

Harish B said...

good disruptive idea, just like the : Dirt is Good from surf. Great post and glad u are back to regular blogging

Anonymous said...

cool blog. hope to see more and more soon !

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