Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ye Kaisi Adda- Bigadda.com

Its quite difficult to define friendship. It may or may not be long-lasting and a social networking site cannot probably become a substitute to a friend. A friendship quote says..
A good friend is someone we can count on, as well as being so much more.A friend is someone with whom we can relax and just hang out, have fun and share our innermost thoughts--deep dark secrets, lofty and noble goals, or our hopes, joys, and fears. A good friend allows you a safe space to share your deepest thoughts and needs--without worry of being judged, criticized or made to feel silly for feeling the way you do. Friends cheer each other on, laugh and cry together, and just plain commiserate and listen to each other.That's why friends are friends....Bettie and Jennifer Leigh Youngs.

But the advertising had glorified it to an extent to match with expectations and something more! it goes..money goes...youth goes..hope goes..children go......but friends stay. Yes, we are unhappy with our small nuclear families and would like to form a group of friends, but will a "bigadda" remain! in such relationships, as when known relationships break.......do seemingly created friendships remain?

But the commercial catches up with loneliness...and captures the need for friendship in everyone with a potent message!. And this big adda was launched, in the presence of beautiful bollywood diva Diya Mirza, pulling crowds.. I would give 8 in a 10 scale and the agency is Ideas at Work.

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R.Puratchimani said...

but i always believe that "Nothing is Permanent"

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