Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Break The Rules!..

Is it essential to learn something from the environment to know how our advertising works? Can we simply break the code of making popular advertisements by just doing a detective stunt? Will we be able to find a pattern? Is there any language that consumer likes?

So these tips were given by some top notch advertising professionals!

Analyse many advertisements. Keep eyes open widely. The more advertisement we watch, it becomes easy to shortlist ideas.

Look for inspiration. Find inspiration from surroundings, jell with society.

Keep on writing. Throw away the rubbish; it will help you improve the message, which you want to convey to consumer well.

Be clear about the objective of campaign like introducing your brand in the market, or building its image, or informing the viewer about a particular offer, and so on.

Zero in on your target audience: Build your campaign depending on the target audience. Advertising is all about role-playing. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the specific group of consumers you intend to target. Make the viewer identify with what you are saying.

When working on the humour appeal: It is quite common that humour never goes unnoticed. It can be satire, mischievous and nonsense, verbal or non-verbal. Here there’s no typical thumb rule: Humour is quite effective for those products which consumers buy instinctively. If it is for a product which involves a conscious buying decision, humour must contain the message properly.

And the most important rule of advertising: There are no rules.

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Anonymous said...

cool post. expecting more but where is the fun and frolic that adformula offered once? missing in action !

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